Résuméfox is a large product line that caters to multitudes of functionality required by enterprises. Definitely, not all customers require all of the functionality that is implemented as part of this product line. In order to enable customers to buy just what they need, Résuméfox has been divided into multiple logical modules. Further, these modules are grouped as Core Modules and Add-on Modules.

The Core Modules form the foundation of Résuméfox platform and hence are to be implemented by all customers.

Explore the modules below to learn more about how they can add value to your recruitment process.

Resume Parsing Module

  • Unique and proprietary technology that helps you build searchable candidate database with ZERO manual data entry
  • Extracts key information such as first name, last name, email address, mobile number, present company, years of experience, educational qualifications from unstructured resumes
  • Can process 1,500 to 2,000 per hour
  • Supports Word, Pdf, Html, Text files
  • Can process emails in MS Outlook, download and process emails directly email servers and files on disk
  • Also helps you detect and manage duplicate resumes


Applicant Tracking Module

  • Creation of customized recruitment workflow to suit your organization processes
  • Requirements creation, approval workflow, and assignment to team members
  • Powerful and fast keywords based resume searching using AND, OR annd NOT operators and also keyword frequencies
  • Resume searching also based on years of experience, location, educational qualifications, gender, freshness, etc.
  • Creating multiple shortlists of resumes against requirements
  • Personalized mass mailing to candidates
  • Forwarding resumes for pre-screening and interviews
  • Customized feedback forms for pre-screening and interviews
  • Scheduling hiring events such as telephonic interviews, video calls, written tests, face-to-face interviews, etc.
  • Searchable history of all transactions with filters for checking status with respect to candidates, requirements and recruiters, etc.
  • Standard and customizable reports


Inteview Feedback Module

  • Allows recruitment team to generate interview/pre-screening requests for the panel members or external clients
  • Interviewers get a link in their email instead of the bulky resume attachments
  • Interviewers get a rich user interface without they having to login to Résuméfox
  • Interviewers see the profiles of the candidates and can provide their feedback upon resume screening or interviewing a candidate
  • Feedback submitted by the interviewers directly gets into the system and thus avoids the additional effort on part of the recruitment staff to copy paste the feedback.
  • Feedback provided by all the interviewers on a candidate against a specific requirement are collated in reverse chronological order


Website Integration and Candidate Self-service Module

  • Manages the Careers Section of your company's public website
  • Requirements created in Résuméfox get published to company's website instantly
  • Closed Requirements get pulled out from website automatically
  • Candidates can search available jobs by various criteria and apply online
  • Candidates get a self-service portal to manage their profile online
  • Generates a unique link and login credentials for every candidate in the database
  • Candidate login link can be emailed via the mass-mailing function
  • Applicants get added to a special shortlist against the job they applied for
  • Candidates can apply for multiple jobs in one go


Offer Letters Module

  • Store any number of offer letter templates each with any number of data elements
  • Provide data for offer letter via spreadsheet or manual data entry
  • Produces offer letters in PDF or Word format
  • Offer letters become part of candidate records automatically


Employee Referral Module

  • Helps you publish requirements to different employee groups within your organization
  • Employees login to the system and submit their own or their friends resume
  • Resumes get tagged with employee identification
  • Automatic duplicate resume check against central resume databank informs the employee immediately
  • Optionally allow employees to monitor the status of candidates they have referred
  • Tracks referral bonus payout


Vendors Access Module

  • Helps you empanel vendors who can provide you candidates
  • Selected Requirements can be published to Vendors
  • Vendors get special logins to submit resumes against requirements
  • Applications get tagged with Vendor Identification
  • Vendors can be provided selective visibility into the recruitment process
  • Vendors get notified about the interview schedules that they need to facilitate
  • Duplicate resume check informs the Vendors immediately
  • Vendors can submit their invoices online and track payment status


  • “ The quality of the resume parsing (extraction) and the ability
    to quickly extract the relevant resumes for a
    requirement are the great advantages of Résuméfox.”

    B. Mohan Kumar,

     - Airvana Networks.

  • “ Earlier we were spending lot of money
    and time on getting the candidates?
    data fed into our database.

    Uma Prabhu,

     - Personnel Network.

  • “ Résuméfox is a product with a lot of fresh ideas.
    Working with this product has given great
    boost to our productivity. ”

    Patricia Naronha,

     - C.E.O Pat Inc.

  • “ Excellent software! The good customer support and
    training made us use Résuméfox effectively.
    Money spent well! ”


     - Director, Helios and Matheson.