Key Product Features

Following are some of the key features of Résuméfox that make it a unique solution for effortless and efficient recruitment:

Cloud-based or on-premise

Zero initial investment or complete server control - your choice.

Web based software

Access from anywhere through a simple web browser.

Resume parser

Build searchable resume database with zero manual effort.

Autoformatting resumes

Reformat multiple resumes in one go.

Duplicate resume detection

Detect duplicate resumes and manage them in a jiffy

Requirements life cycle

Create requirements and take them through your approval workflow.

Bulk email to candidates

Send personalized mass emails to candidates.

Scheduling Interviews

Schedule interviews and keeping everyone in loop..

Employee referrals

Encourage employees to refer candidates and manage such referrals.

Vendor management

Simplify processes for the vendors to work with you.

Forwarding resumes

Send resumes to customers via email.

Track hiring process

Collate interview feedback online and track the process.

Offer details

Input offer details and track until joining.

Comprehensive reports

Generate insightful reports in real-time.

Candidate portal

Allow candidates to maintain their profiles.

Cloud Based Or On-Premise offering

Cloud based offering reduces your upfront investment and setup time significantly while On-Premise implementation provides you complete control of your server.

If you opt for cloud-based offering, all of the server infrastructure in terms of hardware, software, networking, data backup, power etc. will be taken care of by us and you can use Résuméfox just as a simple application available on the internet. Your cost of getting started with Résuméfox will be minimum. The cloud-based offering also provides the additional benefit being available from anywhere at anytime as long as you have internet connectivity. Of course, if you choose so, the access can be restricted to certain people from only certain places by means of ip-address-based security.

The On-premise solution is suitable for organizations that already have the necessary infrastructure or is willing to invest in building one and the personnel to take care of the environment.


Web Based Software

Résuméfox is a web-based software with all the data being stored on the server. It can be accessed by any of the popular web browsers such as IE9, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The access to the software is restricted and can be accessed by people with valid login credentials.

It is a multiuser software that can be used by multiple people at the same time. It can also be used from anywhere at anytime as long as you are connected to the Internet and have one of the supported web browsers.


Resume parser

Automatically identifies and extracts information such as first name, last name , qualifications, years of experience, etc. from the resume documents.

Resume Parser is one of the key value propositions of Résuméfox. It eliminates the need for manual data entry of candidates' information into the database and hence compresses the time-to-hire and contributes significantly.

The resume parser scans the resumes, parses their contents and extracts from them important information such as first name, last name, date of birth, location, qualifications, experience, email addresses, and phone numbers with an impressive accuracy of 80%-90% and at a speed of about 1,500 resumes per hour. It can parse resumes from multiple sources:

1. Resumes present in Microsoft Outlook as email attachments
2. Resumes present as email attachments in your email server
3. Resumes present as simple files on users machine in the form of .doc, .docx, .pdf or html formats
4. Popular Job Portals such as Monster. It can directly download resumes from the jobportals and parse them

Resume Parser is a sophisticated software that has been built after analyzing tens of thousands of resumes from different domains and geographies and has been fine-tuned over time using the techniques of artificial intelligence and natural language analysis. It involves complex logic and heuristics that make it very accurate.

Resume Parsing as a Service
Apart from being available as stand-alone software, Résuméfox provides resume parsing as a web-service as well. This web-service can be invoked from programs in any language or platform. The web-service takes the resume as an input parameter and returns the parsed data in xml format.


Autoformatting of CV's

At times, you may want to format all resumes with a common header, footer, watermark or want to even introduce a table with certain candidate information highlighted.
It can be quite a laborious task to format a number of resumes manually, one by one.

Automformatting feature of Résuméfox allows you format multiple resumes in just one click. It allows you keep multiple templates and can apply these templates to any number of resumes in a shortlist or search results in one click.
This feature also allows you to mask certain information such as name, email address, contact details of the resumes.

What would have taken you a few hours to do can now be performed in a few seconds!


Duplicate resume detection

Résuméfox has a sophisticated duplicate resume detection engine that can detect duplicate resumes instantly and allows you to manage them very easily.

Duplicate candidate records not only consume the storage space but also lead to embarrassment caused by same candidate being contacted by different recruiters of your company for same or different requirement without the knowledge of previous interactions.

Résuméfox does duplicate candidates detection in two levels. In the first level, it detects if there are any duplicate candidates within the list under test. In the second level, it compares the list under test with candidates in rest of your database. Duplicate Candidates Detection uses complex logic involving the candidates’ firstname, lastname, email address, mobile number, etc.

Whenever you get a new resume that is a duplicate of one already existing in the database, Résuméfox allows you to delete the new one, use the new one to replace the existing one or to add the new one as a new candidate.


Requirements Approval Workflow

Résuméfox allows users to create requirements and forward them to different people for their approval. The person whose approval is sought can approve or reject a requirement. Upon approval, the user can then forward it to the next person in the chain. The user who is the final authority can approve and publish upon which it becomes a open requirement and recruiters can start working on it.
Each user in the approval chain gets notified via email. When user rejects a requirement, the previous user in the chain gets notified.


Bulk email to candidates

Résuméfox provides a quick way to send personalized emails to multiple candidates in one go. You can personalize the emails so that the candidates can be addressed by their real name instead of being addressed as something like "Hi Candidate". Typically you would use this feature to check if the candidates are interested in a job that you have. You can also have attachments (typically your company profile and the job description) go with these emails.

You can keep multiple email templates ready which you can use to send out emails quickly.


Calendaring and scheduling

Résuméfox allows you to schedule different hiring events such as interviews, written tests, etc. Using this feature you can send out schedules to all the stakeholders such as the candidates, interviewers, other recruiters, coordinators, etc. You can send out the same message to all the stakeholders or can elect to send out different messages to different people. You can have several email templates ready that you can use for different stakeholders.

The schedules generated get into receivers calenders such as MS Outlook Calender, Gmail Calender, etc.


Employee Referral Management

Résuméfox helps you publish requirements to different employee groups within your organization and have them upload their own or friends' resumes for them. Resumes get tagged with employee identification. If a resume being uploaded has already been referred to the same requirement by someone else, then the employee is instantly informed about. Optionally employees can be allowed to monitor the status of the candidates referred by them and the payout of the referral bonus if applicable.


Vendors Access

Résuméfox helps you publish requirements to different employee groups within your organization and have them upload their own or friends' resumes for them. Resumes get tagged with employee identification. If a resume being uploaded has already been referred to the same requirement by someone else, then the employee is instantly informed about. Optionally employees can be allowed to monitor the status of the candidates referred by them and the payout of the referral bonus if applicable.


Forwarding resumes

Upon searching and shortlisting candidates against a requirement, Résuméfox allows you to forward the resumes to the pre-screeners and interview panel members via email. In pretty much a single click, you can forward multiple resumes. Résuméfox provides options to send all resumes as attachments to a single email or as attachments to separate emails with equal ease. You can also decide to send the resumes in MS Word or Pdf format (Pdf conversion happens on the fly).

You can also send other attachments with the resumes. Most commonly sent out attachment is the tracker sheet containing the list candidates with their details in spreadsheet. Résuméfox allows you to generate the tracker sheet in just a few seconds as against the laborious task of preparing it manually.


Track hiring process

Résuméfox allows you to accurately track progress of the hiring process by requirements, candidates, recruiters, hiring status, departments or clients, etc. You can quickly filter the history of all transactions by various criteria and drilldown into the details.

You can view all the interview feedbacks, schedule additional events, send out necessary emails, etc. all from within Résuméfox.


Offer details and letters

Résuméfox helps you capture the details of the offers made and generate offer letters based on your templates. While generating offer letters, candidate specific data automatically gets inserted into the letters. You can generate the offer letters based on any number of pre-created templates and you can generate multiple offer letters in a single go. Offer letters can be generated in Word or Pdf formats and can be emailed to respective candidates.


Comprehensive Reports

Résuméfox provides canned rich reports for you to get exact status of the recruitment process in your organization.

You can generate reports by clients, by recruiters, by requirements, by candidates, etc. You can also request specific reports based on your own needs.


Candidate Portal

Résuméfox provides the candidates a self-service portal to manage their profile online. A unique link and login credentials are generated for each candidate in the database that can be emailed to them via the mass-mailing function.


  • “ The quality of the resume parsing (extraction) and the ability
    to quickly extract the relevant resumes for a
    requirement are the great advantages of Résuméfox.”

    B. Mohan Kumar,

     - Airvana Networks.

  • “ Earlier we were spending lot of money
    and time on getting the candidates?
    data fed into our database.

    Uma Prabhu,

     - Personnel Network.

  • “ Résuméfox is a product with a lot of fresh ideas.
    Working with this product has given great
    boost to our productivity. ”

    Patricia Naronha,

     - C.E.O Pat Inc.

  • “ Excellent software! The good customer support and
    training made us use Résuméfox effectively.
    Money spent well! ”


     - Director, Helios and Matheson.