Recruitment software with Resume Parser

Résuméfox is an innovative and easy-to-use recruitment software that saves the hiring time and costs by at least 70%.

It enables your organization to hire the right people just at the right time.

Explore its modules and features below to learn how it can help your organization to simplify the recruitment process.


Résuméfox is a large product line that caters to multitudes of functionality required by enterprises. Definitely, not all customers of require all of the functionality that is implemented as part of this product line. In order to enable customers to buy just what they need, Résuméfox has been divided into multiple logical modules. Further, these modules are grouped as Core Modules and Add-on Modules.

The Core Modules form the foundation of Résuméfox platform and hence are to be implemented by all customers.

Explore the modules below to learn more about how they can add value to your recruitment process.


Cloud-based or on-premise

Zero initial investment or complete server control - your choice.

Web based software

Access from anywhere through a simple web browser.

Resume parser

Build searchable resume database with zero manual effort.

Autoformatting resumes

Reformat multiple resumes in one go.

Duplicate resume detection

Detect duplicate resumes and manage them in a jiffy

Requirements life cycle

Create requirements and take them through your approval workflow.

Bulk email to candidates

Send personalized mass emails to candidates.

Scheduling Interviews

Schedule interviews and keeping everyone in loop..

Employee referrals

Encourage employees to refer candidates and manage such referrals.

Vendor management

Simplify processes for the vendors to work with you.

Forwarding resumes

Send resumes to customers via email.

Track hiring process

Collate interview feedback online and track the process.

Offer details

Input offer details and track until joining.

Comprehensive reports

Generate insightful reports in real-time.

Candidate portal

Allow candidates to maintain their profiles.

Hundreds of Companies use Résuméfox

Key Software Benefits

  • Reduce Hiring Costs and Time by at least 70%
  • Enhanced Hiring Managers Satisfaction owing to Compressed TAT and High Candidates Quality
  • Builds your internal candidate database like Naukri and Monster
  • Comprehensive Recruitment Process Automation
  • Up-to-minute Reports and Dashboard
  • “ The quality of the resume parsing (extraction) and the ability
    to quickly extract the relevant resumes for a
    requirement are the great advantages of Résuméfox.”

    B. Mohan Kumar,

     - Airvana Networks.

  • “ Earlier we were spending lot of money
    and time on getting the candidates?
    data fed into our database.

    Uma Prabhu,

     - Personnel Network.

  • “ Résuméfox is a product with a lot of fresh ideas.
    Working with this product has given great
    boost to our productivity. ”

    Patricia Naronha,

     - C.E.O Pat Inc.

  • “ Excellent software! The good customer support and
    training made us use Résuméfox effectively.
    Money spent well! ”


     - Director, Helios and Matheson.